Google Hotel Ads is Now a Part of Google Ads (former Adwords)

Advertising Platform Google Hotel Ads is Now Available for All Users

Starting on Google Maps platform in 2011 as Google Hotel Finder, Google Hotel Ads lets you display your hotels rates and availability on many Google platforms.  Be it on desktop or mobile, travelers will see your hotel advertisement when they are actively searching for online booking. You only get charged if the users click on your hotel ad.

This platform, separate from the usual Google Adwords, was only available for individual hotel properties and selected integration partners before, requiring a good degree of knwoledge to provide the necessity data connections. Starting with some selected partners as a beta from July 2018, Google brought the Hotel Ads platform into its Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords) with the introduction of a new campaign type, which means not only integration partners but all Google Ads clients can now benefit from the Hotel Ads platform.

The New Hotel Campaigns and Hotel Center

The new Hotel campaigns, while will continue to be feed-based, is aimed for easier integration and optimization for hotels and agencies. As Michael Trauttmansdorff states: “The existing Hotel Ads Center will be replaced with the new Hotel Center in phases. We’re starting with the basics first, focusing on a better way to submit your hotel inventory and describe your hotel properties.”

This new Hotel Campaign will have the following properties:

  • Hotel groups to organize hotels by important attributes like brand and class
  • Robust bidding controls that allow marketers to optimize for bidding dimensions unique to hotels like a traveler’s length of stay or check-in day and audience bidding
  • Smart bidding powered by machine learning to maximize bookings at your ROI goal
  • Rich reporting and familiar responsive interface available with the newly redesigned Google Ads

According to Michael Trauttmansdorff the new Hotel Center will:

  • Simplify feed troubleshooting with faster and more intuitive in-product guidance
  • Quickly optimize your feed’s health with actionable opportunities and one-click fixes
  • Use a central hub to power other price feed-based hotel features in the future, like dynamic remarketing creatives.

On Spet. 4th, the official Twitter account of GoogleAds posted the below tweet:

The below is a screenshot of the new Hotel Campaign from the Google Ads:

Otellerin Reklam Platformu Google Hotel Ads Tüm Kullanıcılara Açılıyor

What About The Transition?

The new updates will be transferred into the new Hotel Center step by step. At first, only the basic feeds that are required to present your hotel will be transferred and later other properties will be carried over. You can check a case study from Google Hotel Ads here.

“Hotel Ads perform at a significantly stronger conversion rate, twice what we see on regular mobile traffic. That makes a big difference in terms of results.”

-Ted Schweitzer, SVP marketing and e-commerce, La Quinta Inns & Suites

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