Online Reputation

Hotel Reputation

Elevate and maintain your hotel’s online reputation using our dynamic cloud-based solution. By delivering enhanced guest experiences, you can significantly improve your standings on various review platforms and Online Travel Agencies (OTAs). This approach not only boosts guest satisfaction but also plays a pivotal role in driving revenue growth.

Our system is designed to help you seamlessly navigate and positively influence your hotel’s digital footprint.

Boost Your Visibility on Review Platforms and OTAs

Utilize the power of the Global Review Index™️, our unique algorithm, to analyze and gauge your online reputation. This tool compiles data in 45 languages from over 140 review sites, providing a comprehensive and actionable understanding of your standing. Compare your performance against competitors, make informed decisions driven by data, and observe the simultaneous growth of your reputation and revenue.

This approach is designed to give you a competitive edge in the digital marketplace by enhancing your visibility and appeal on key review sites and Online Travel Agencies.

We give you better data and better tools for better results.

Global Review

Utilize the Global Review Index™ (GRI™️) to accurately measure and compare your hotel’s reputation. This industry-standard score is calculated from guest reviews in 45 languages across 140 review sites, providing a comprehensive and reliable metric for understanding and improving your standing in the hospitality industry.


Utilize advanced semantic technology to delve into the nuances of guest reviews. This approach allows you to grasp the deeper meanings and sentiments expressed, providing a clearer understanding of guest experiences in critical areas. Our sentiment analysis tool is designed to help you interpret feedback more accurately and responsively.


Integrate both qualitative (review content) and quantitative (review scores) data to evaluate the daily impact on guest experiences at your property and its overall effect on your business. This holistic approach to impact analysis helps you to understand the full spectrum of factors influencing guest satisfaction and business performance.


Measure your performance against your competitors across various categories and sources. This benchmarking process enables you to see where you stand in relation to your competition, providing valuable insights for strategic improvements and positioning in the market.

Simplified Management Response with Central Dashboard

Our centralized management response dashboard simplifies monitoring team performance, setting goals and timeframes, and identifying areas for improvement. This user-friendly tool streamlines management processes, making it more efficient to oversee and enhance team operations.

Streamlined Review Response with Automated Escalation

Implement automation to ensure the appropriate individual or department is notified when a review requires a response. Establish escalation protocols to guarantee that every follow-up is addressed promptly and effectively, leaving no feedback unresolved.

This system enhances the efficiency and reliability of your review management process.

Enhanced Response Rates with Direct Platform Integration

Boost your team’s efficiency in handling reviews by up to 40% with our platform’s direct response feature. This integration connects seamlessly with major review sources such as, Google, and TripAdvisor, allowing for quicker and more effective communication with your guests.

This tool streamlines the response process, making it easier and more efficient for your team to manage and reply to reviews.

Adaptable Platform Setup to Reflect Team Dynamics

Tailor the platform to align with your team’s internal structure for optimal efficiency. Establish automated reports ensuring that individual staff members, specific workgroups, or entire departments receive the information, alerts, and reports pertinent to their roles.

This flexible configuration allows for a customized approach to information dissemination, enhancing relevance and effectiveness within your team.