Online Reputation

Guest Surveys

Collect crucial insights directly from your guests using our adaptable survey tools. These customizable surveys are designed to capture valuable feedback, enabling you to transform these insights into tangible actions. As you implement these changes, you’ll see a noticeable increase in guest satisfaction, revenue, and demand. Utilize this feedback to refine and enhance the guest experience, continuously adapting to meet and exceed guest expectations.

Our approach is centered around actively listening to your guests and effectively responding to their needs and preferences.

Maximizing Insights from Guest Feedback

Our fully customizable survey tools are designed to collect essential data that informs intelligent operational decisions. These surveys can be deployed at any point in the guest journey, whether during their stay or post-stay, and are accessible across various devices. By utilizing PMS filters, you can gather targeted insights and analyze this feedback using advanced sentiment analysis technology.

This approach allows you to deeply understand guest experiences and preferences, enabling you to make well-informed adjustments to your services and operations.

Our guest survey tool does all the things you'd expect...


Collect comprehensive feedback to gain insights into the guest experience across various departments, from the front desk to housekeeping. This department-specific data approach enables you to understand and improve the distinct aspects of service in each area, ensuring a holistic enhancement of the overall guest experience.

survey builder

Design a foundational guest survey and expand its scope by incorporating modules specific to different properties, departments, or guest demographics. Alternatively, you have the flexibility to create an unlimited number of unique surveys tailored to your specific needs. This versatile survey builder allows for comprehensive and targeted feedback collection, adaptable to any aspect of your hospitality business.


Engage with your guests during their stay using our mobile-optimized in-stay surveys. These timely surveys are designed to promptly identify areas requiring immediate attention, facilitating swift service recovery while the guest is still on the property.

This proactive approach ensures immediate resolution of issues, enhancing the guest experience in real time.

data processing

Have confidence in the secure and responsible processing of your guests’ data. Our platform adheres to the strictest standards in data and privacy regulations, ensuring that all information is managed with the utmost security and compliance. This commitment to data protection offers both you and your guests peace of mind regarding privacy and safety.

Comprehensive Data Gathering and Analysis"

Delve deeper into your operational insights by gathering data specific to each room or guest type. Utilize the platform’s capability to filter results according to Property Management System (PMS) fields, allowing you to understand the impact of various guest segments on your success. Measure satisfaction based on room type or number, guest demographics such as corporate or family visitors, or even concentrate on the source of the booking.

This detailed analysis offers a granular view of your performance, aiding in precise and informed decision-making.

Gaining an Edge with Competitive Benchmarking

Stay at the forefront of the industry by benchmarking and comparing your Net Promoter Score (NPS)® with those of your competitors. This tool allows you to see how you rank not only against external competitors but also within your own brand’s properties. This comparative insight offers valuable information to maintain a competitive advantage and continually improve your guest experiences.

Enhancing Review Presence through Strategic Partnerships

Amplify your review volume and maintain up-to-date feedback through our Platinum Partnerships with leading platforms like TripAdvisor, Google, and HolidayCheck.

These collaborations are specifically designed to assist in building a robust and fresh collection of reviews, significantly enhancing your online presence and credibility.

Deciphering Guest Feedback with Advanced AI Technology

Discover the deeper insights hidden within guest feedback using our AI-powered semantic analysis tools. These sophisticated technologies are capable of extracting measurable data from human text, covering more than 700 concepts across 17 languages.

This approach enables you to understand the nuances of guest responses on a large scale, providing valuable information for enhancing guest experiences and service quality.