Turkish Minister of Tourism: More Emphasis on Social Media

Minister of Culture & Tourism Mr. Ersoy, has mentioned the change in the direction of Turkey’s promotion abroad.

Mr. Ersoy noted that the ministry is intent of not cutting the promotional budgets while they are intent on moderninizing the promotion strategy. Mr. Ersoy said

“We are going to adapt to this age and will focus more on social media, Instagram and similar platforms.”

Minister Ersoy also mentioned that they would be limiting the amount spent on offline mediums and increase the pecentage of online promotions.

Limited Effect of Offline Promotion

Minister Ersoy noted on the limited resources in promotion and the increased effect of online:

While we have limited resources the expectations are huge about tourism. For example there was much emphasis on offline promotion until today but in this age it does not have the expected efficiency. If you wish to reach the masses you have to do something other than offline. We will be limiting the offline promotions and put digital and social media up front. While we will keep having booths in important tourism events and increase our advertising and promotion budget but we will limit the numbers of events and join to the ones where it is absolutely necessary”

New Promotional Campaigns

“We will be working with youtubers, trendsetters and use platforms like Instagramlar etc. which is a necessity in this age. We will do promotions to change the perception of Turkey abroad. You will see the results of these efforts starting from January 2019.”

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