Social Media Management for Hotels

We manage your SM channels for better communication, marketing and customer loyalty

Reputation is REVENUE

Social Media Management

Reputation is Revenue. As a hotel-friendly agency, we only serve for the hotels, with different packages tailored to fit their special demands. Start improving your reputation and your revenue today by investing in your Social Media channels.

What We Provide

Posts and responses in 4 languages (Turkish, English, German & Russian)
Flexible management packages starting from 3days/week to fit your needs
Impressive visual and text messages
Monthly performance reports
Our References

Why Social Media?

An indispensible method of communication in mobile age

Your SM channels are the main stop of your guests before their booking.

Improve Revenue with Social Media

Both your loyal guests and potential future customers are checking the social media platforms to decide on booking.

Benefit from your guests’ shares

The biggest ratio of SM content shares are holiday & food related (approx. 70%).